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Would you like to know you’re doing the best for your baby?

Would you like to be resilient and at your best?

Would you like to be confident that becoming parents brings your relationship closer? 

As new parents you’re feeling unimaginable joy along with worries about handling it all.

You’re not alone, and you really don’t have to be because I can help.

You want to be confident you’re doing the best for your baby and supporting your baby’s development.  And you want welcoming your new baby to enhance the life you’re already enjoying.  At the same time you want to know that you’re taking the best care of yourself to be at your best.  You want to be sure there is freedom to pursue your careers and personal goals and ensure that becoming parents deepens your relationship. Of course with any big life change, there are challenges that create stress.  

With all the attention going to your new baby it can be tough to stay connected to your partner.  Staying close with friends and the support you love outside your family can get complicated.  It can be challenging to pursue careers with the powerful expectations that influence our decisions.  Not knowing whether your baby’s development is on track can be unnerving to say the least.  And all of this change can make it tough to take care of your self.  And this isn’t just any life change. 

This is the change that can make your life even better.  

Parent Coaching

I work with first time expecting and new parents with infants to 1 year old.

We’ll work together to define our areas of focus which could include:

  • Having a solid foundation for your child’s health and development.

  • Knowing you’re doing the best for your child.

  • Being sure having a baby deepens your relationship.

  • Creating the freedom to pursue professional goals.

  • Focusing on self-care.

  • Connecting to your identity as your life changes.
  • Ensuring your child is sleeping through the night.

  • Enhancing your sex life.

  • Staying connected as a couple while becoming attuned to your infants’ signals and needs.
  • Defining and connecting with your support system.

  • Becoming a confident parent.

This is a six-month parent coaching program that is uniquely tailored to your family.  If you are interested in learning more about working together, please read below.

For free resources, please check out my relaxed, no-judgment parent tips and resources.

6 Month Coaching Program

The 6 month coaching program is for first time parents who want the very best for their baby and to live the life they really want.  It provides personally tailored guidance towards your family and life goals.  The program includes:

An initial foundation session in your NYC home, in which we design a unique parenting program based on your goals and values.  Every week for 6 months, we’ll have a scheduled hour-long video session.  Once a month the hour-long session is in person either in your home, or a mutually agreed upon location. Plus: Unlimited emails and text. You’ll have personalized, practical strategies as you go and supportive accountability to be sure you’re taking steps towards meeting your goals.  In ongoing weekly video calls and monthly in person sessions we’ll answer questions, recognize challenges, and work through what gets in the way so you can create the life you want with your family. Think of me as a partner to support your journey in parenting and in life.

The 6 Month Parent Coaching Program includes:

• Initial Foundation Session in NYC home or via video session if outside NYC.

• Weekly Video Calls, Monthly In-Person Sessions

• Unlimited emails and text

Ready to get in touch?

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About Liz

I’m a parent coach, licensed social worker and special educator with over 10 years of experience working with parents and families.  I’m the mother of 3 young girls with my husband in NYC. 

My mission is to help first time new parents powerfully navigate the transition to parenthood and achieve the life they want.  I help parents integrate research based strategies with experiential work to help them feel understood and validated, while achieving the results they want.

I have spoken about healthy newborn sleep and the experience of growing families at City Births, Prenatal Yoga Center, and Kidville in New York City.  I have additional training and certification in the Gottman Bringing Baby Home method.

Becoming a mother of three, having experienced the stress of new parent challenges, I dove into research based methods and strategies which led me to parent coaching.   

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